Evoqua Water Technologies has secured a contract to support a new $200m, 50MW biomass/wood waste-to-energy cogeneration project in the US state of Georgia.

The contract with DCO Energy will see Evoqua provide equipment and services. The cogeneration plant will produce 100% of the steam required for the Albany manufacturing facility of consumer products company Procter & Gamble.

Exelon's subsidiary Constellation will own and operate the plant, which is expected to be completed in mid-2017.

The facility will turn wood waste and agricultural waste products into 425,000 pounds per hour of process steam for P&G and 385,000 MWh per year of electrical power which will be purchased by Georgia Power.

For this project, Evoqua will supply boiler feedwater makeup system and condensate polishing system for the operation.

The feedwater makeup system will utilise Evoqua’s Vantage PTI multimedia pretreatment system along with double-pass Vantage Membrane Series M286 Reverse Osmosis systems along with VFD pumps and ion exchange polishing resin which uses customised FlexMate tanks from Evoqua.

Both the feedwater makeup and condensate polishing processes will leverage Evoqua’s services to reduce capital costs and on-site chemical storage.

Off-site resin regeneration for the feedwater makeup system will be done at its Jacksonville, Florida service center. Evoqua’s off-site condensate polishing services in Rockford, Illinois will supply the condensate polishing system.

Evoqua industrial projects & services division president Rodney Aulick said: "This project will help our customer’s customer meet a commitment to operate on 100% renewable steam.  

"We're proud to be recognized for our expertise and customer commitment as part of an effort that will make generating energy a cleaner and more efficient process."