Evergreen Solar, a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar power products with its proprietary silicon wafer technology, has launched its newest ES-A series solar panel.

The company said that the ES-A series is a range of high quality String Ribbon solar panels. This new ES-A-215 panel complements the company’s current line of 200, 205 and 210W solar panels designed with a black frame.

Scott Gish, vice president of sales and marketing at Evergreen Solar, said: “Our new ES-A 215 solar panel continues to position Evergreen Solar as a leader in producing powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly solar panels.

“These panels are our most powerful solar panels to date with the tightest power tolerance in the industry, meaning our customers get optimal system performance right out of the box. At the same time, we are proud to lead the industry in environmental credentials with the smallest carbon footprint and the quickest energy payback of any silicon-based solar panel available today.”