EuroSite Power Ltd, a subsidiary of American DG Energy Inc., is to launch its services in the UK where it plans to ‘revolutionise the UK small-scale combined heating and power market’ with its on-site utility service, which aims to deliver cost savings by the installation of on-site power and heat without the customer having to risk a substantial capital investment.

This utility solution will enable customers to generate and buy electricity, heat, hot water and cooling on-site at prices that are up to 15% lower than those charged by their utility suppliers, says EuroSite, and will provide them with both security of supply, greater cost visibility and lower carbon energy.  It is targeted at customers that have a year round requirement for heat energy, and that spend over £62 500 per year on natural gas.  Customers that would benefit from the on-site utility service are likely to include hotels, leisure complexes and hospitals or care facilities.

The unique selling point of this approach is that EuroSite Power takes responsibility for the ownership, installation and maintenance of the CHP system and for the cost of gas used by the system, thus absorbing all investment and operating expenses. Furthermore, it claims to be able to measurably reduce a user’s carbon footprint.