The Dutch company Tuk Tuk Factory will introduce the electric version of the Asian Tuk Tuk to the European market on 19 October at the eCarTec, an e-mobility fair in Munich, Germany to find potential European partners for sales and distribution of electric Tuk Tuk.

To meet the requirements of the European market, Tuk Tuk Factory has developed the electric Tuk Tuk in three versions, including a 3-seater, a 6-seater and a cargo version that can be delivered to all EU countries with prices ranging between EUR11.000 and EUR14.000.

The EV is powered by a 15kWh lead acid battery that can be recharged in 8 hours to enable the vehicle to travel 70 to 80km on single charge and its chassis has been designed to carry the 400 kilos of the humongous battery.

The electric Tuk Tuk, which are suitable for short rides in the city, and therefore for electric transmission, will be sold mainly as city shuttle, event vehicle, or city cargo vehicle and the company plans to provide vehicle service in co-operation with Carrus, an EV parts suppliers in Europe.

Tuk Tuk Factory director Roland Vos said that the vehicle differentiates itself through the combination of green & fun that makes the electric Tuk Tuk a mobile billboard, adding revenue through the advertising potential, while also saving a lot of fuel cost per kilometer.