The first power link between Finland and the Baltic States has been officially opened with join ceremonies in Estonia and Finland.

The Estlink submarine cable connects the Harku 330kV converter station outside Tallinn and the Espoo 440kV converter station near Helsinki, linking, for the first time in history, the electricity markets of the Baltic States and the Nordic countries.

The Estlink submarine cable is one of the priority projects in the European Union’s plan to ensure a continuity of supply in the power system, improve cross-border power infrastructure and help create more efficient power markets in Europe.

It is the first common project between Baltic and Finish energy companies and cost a total of E110 million. The cable was built mainly to provide the Nordic countries with electricity produced in the Baltic States.

Today we made history. We have, for the very first time in history, connected power grids of the Baltic States and Finland, said Indrek Aarna, chairman of the management board of Nordic Energy Link. The building of the cable is finished and we hope to start with the commercial operation as soon as the final tuning of the cable has been conducted.