ESS' long duration (6+ hour) flow battery provides a cost effective innovative solution to a growing number of challenges on either side of the utility meter.

As part of the Intersolar exhibition, CEO Craig Evans will give a presentation during the Long-Term Storage Solutions session, Tuesday, July 11th at 2pm, which consists of several presentations on the limitations of lithium-ion batteries, particularly when it comes to providing cost effective long-term energy storage.

"We are excited about the remarkable advantages of the simple and elegant electrolyte chemistry in our all iron flow battery," said Craig Evans, CEO of ESS. "The IFB leads competitive technologies in low cost per kWh, maintaining capacity and performance for 20,000+ cycles, and with an environmentally friendly electrolyte delivering a 20-plus year system life, turn-key installation, and fast electrical response time."

The company recently announced the delivery of its energy storage systems for deployment in a microgrid for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In addition, ESS has systems shipping the next two months for UC San Diego, as well as a renewable energy facility in Lubbock, Texas where DNV-GL will perform third party validation on the IFB as it shifts both solar and wind power daily.

ESS is taking orders for their IFB for commercial, utility, and military customers and will soon announce steps it is taking ramping to volume production of the 50kW/400kWh IFB systems that will address both behind-the-meter, and in-front of the meter utility scale multi-MWh applications.