Epyon, a company that develops and sells battery-charging products and services for charging of EV batteries, has introduced Terra Combo Charge Post, a fast charging post designed to support both AC and DC connection standards.

The Terra Combo Charge Post has an interface that will support a DC CHAdeMO-compliant connection up to 50kW and deliver the AC connection according to the available standards in Europe: Mennekes, SCAME or J1772.

This combination of AC and DC will allow EVs with different charging standards entering the market starting December 2010 to be charged at the same post simultaneously making this station cost-effective for utility providers, parking lots, local municipalities and petrol stations.

The customers can make payment via RFiD or other POS systems for recharging their EVs at the Terra Combo Charge Post, which has been designed for easy placement at commercial areas and forecourts.

Epyon CEO Hans Streng said that with the Terra Combo Charge Post, users will be able to charge most types of electric vehicles in 15 to 30 minutes.

“We believe in choice and want to offer a solution for both AC- and DC- powered electric vehicles. We don’t want our customers to choose which standard to support,” Streng said.