E.ON Ruhrgas has welcomed the resumption of Russian gas deliveries through Ukraine. The company expects that the gas volumes will again be fully available in Germany within a short time.

The company said that its customers continue to receive full supplies without disruptions. Back-up deliveries to central and east European countries are also being continued until the supply situation in these countries has normalized.

The company said that it has been receiving its natural gas from several sources. Apart from Russia, which has a share of 26%, the gas is supplied from Norway, the Netherlands and domestic sources.

Bernhard Reutersberg, chairman of the board of management of E.ON Ruhrgas, said: “We welcome the resumption of Russian gas deliveries via Ukraine to Europe. Over the past days we have demonstrated that thanks to the gas procurement structure and our technical infrastructure we can fully control a serious supply disruption.”

Earlier in November 2008, E.ON Ruhrgas and the Swiss buyers’ consortium Swissgas signed a contract on gas deliveries until 2015. From 2010, the deliveries will cover almost a third of Switzerland’s annual gas needs. The contract was already signed at the end of September. The contractual supply volume was fixed at 10 TWh p.a. from 1 October 2010 onwards.