E.ON will be showcasing a range of sustainable, digital and distributed energy solutions at the E-world trade fair in Essen, Germany.

One of the areas of focus will be e-mobility. In hall 3, E.ON will present a new product portfolio: modular storage solutions for homes that are designed to be used in combination with solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles.

E.ON also plans to offer unlimited charging at 6,000 charging points across Europe.

One concrete example is E.ON’s cooperation with Sixt Leasing. The two partners have come up with a customer package comprising an offer from Sixt Leasing for an electric vehicle complete with a charging column, maintenance services and E.ON’s eco-power rate.

Public sector companies can even use this deal to switch their entire vehicle fleet to environmentally friendly mobility – and receive the charging infrastructure and related services.

Another part of the E.ON offer runs under the motto 'We digitalize the energy transition'. Renewables have made great strides in the countryside. So E.ON believes it is now time for part two of the energy transition to take place in the cities.

E.ON’s concepts include solutions for increasing the share of renewable generation in cities and for designing new city areas and districts to be sustainable from the very start. These concepts are based on smart, digital networks providing integrated control and monitoring solutions for power, gas and heat.

E.ON has already implemented projects of this kind in Munich's new 'Werksviertel' district and in the Hyllie district in Malmö.

E.ON is also accommodating the customers’ growing desire to save energy, especially for companies and the public sector. Here, too, E.ON offers fully digitalized energy solutions.

The Internet of Things allows appliances and machines to communicate with the aim of steadily reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. E.ON installs these systems and controls them from its energy management centers in Hamburg and Potsdam.

Clean, innovative and distributed energy solutions will dominate E.ON’s future market presence. With this in mind the company has decided to give its brand a makeover. E-world visitors will be able to gain a first impression of E.ON’s new look at the trade fair stand which has been designed according to the new brand concept.