Enova Systems, a developer of hybrid and electric drive systems for EVs, has unveiled its new Omni-series 200kVA-capable power inverter for hybrid-electric and all-electric medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

In addition, Enova is preparing to fulfill the first US government order of its electric walk-in step van. In development since February 2009, Enova’s Omni-series inverter features a 50% smaller design package and double the continuous power of the current 90kW system.

Power-source agnostic, the new Omni-series inverter also offers flexibility and ease-of-integration. With plug-and-play connectivity, it is compatible with a range of vehicle drive systems and motors, and can be configured for HEV, PHEV and EV applications, the company said.

Its features includes power density through a new liquid cooling strategy, application flexibility through software configurable control allowing common hardware to be used across many sizes of hybrid or EVs.

It is compatible with a range of induction and permanent magnet motors and its continuous power output of 110kW, with peak over 200kVA makes the Omni capable of powering the Enova P90, P120, and even P240 drive systems.

Its heavy duty cast aluminum chassis and design using minimal harnesses and interconnects allows flexible vehicle mounting in any orientation.

On the heels of the Omni product introduction, Enova received its first order through the General Services Administration (GSA). This first deployment of EV step vans is part of Enova’s exclusive one-year renewable supplier contact with the GSA, which supplies vehicles for government agencies and armed forces.

The first order of Enova powered vans will be delivered to the US Army base located at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Built to base specifications with a 157-inch wheel base chassis and a 14,500lb gross vehicle weight rating, the electric van is the suitable for the unit’s Public Works department which provides general maintenance across the base, the company added.