Englert Environmental Integrated System (Englert Environmental) has introduced integrated metal roofing system, UltraCOOL Energy Star. The UltraCOOL Energy Star and LEED compliant standing seam metal roof system is essential component in providing electric power and thermal heat as well as rainwater for lawns and landscaping, vehicle cleaning and laundry and toilet flushing. The rooftop system offers electric power, hot water heat and water for outdoor and indoor uses all in a single package.

The new rooftop system offers electric power, hot water heat and water for outdoor and indoor uses all in a single package.

Resource-saving technologies incorporated with a single Englert standing seam metal roof include:

Englert’s SunNet solar standing seam roof with Building Integrated Photovoltaics using quarter-inch thick laminates that are nearly invisible and offer all the electric energy the average home requires year round.

A solar thermal system installed under the Englert Solar standing seam roof which draws heat from the roof and transfers it to the home’s hot water system. The roof and thermal technology are self-regulating, avoids overheating and can even be used to heat roofs to rid them of snow and ice.

Three rainwater harvesting solutions that add Englert’s Kynar-coated standing seam roof, Englert LeafGuard and Gutter Tunnel leaf protection systems and three compact residential rainwater harvesting kits that capture 225, 400 and 1,700 gallons of water for non-potable utilize consisting landscape irrigation, vehicle cleaning and non-potable household uses such as toilet flushing and laundering.

The Englert Kynar-coated roof does not leach and Englert’s line of leaf protection systems including LeafGuard and Gutter Tunnel eliminate much of the debris that channels into conventional gutter systems before it reaches the filtering systems and containment tanks included in surface and underground rainwater harvesting systems.

A single Englert Environmental-sponsored project uses all of its metal roofing, rainware and solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies can earn more than 15 U.S. Green Building Council LEED credits. Englert Environmental projects also qualify for federal renewable energy investment tax credits, state-specific financial incentives consisting rebates, incentives, grants and state credits, accelerated depreciation tax benefits, Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) and net income from electric power purchase agreements. All of the roof-related technologies can be included during new construction or as retrofits to existing homes and are perfect for light commercial applications as well.