Renewable energy developer EnergyOne Technologies has signed a letter of intent with a private party to construct 0.25MW solar station on in Frazer Park, California.

EnergyOne plans to use it’s newly patented Photovoltaic-Capacitive Battery Storage (PCBS) solar panels that integrate a thin film solar cell with a thin film ultra-capacitor and a thin film Nickel Zinc storage battery all in a single multi-layered unit.

According to the company, the unit will have the capability to store the system’s daily output inside the panels that will allow access to solar energy for night time use or on cloudy days.

The solar output, enough to power over 200 homes, will be sold under long term power contracts.

EnergyOne plans to install up to 2MW of Nickel Zinc-Battery energy storage systems that will be charged with power from the grid at night and sold back to the utility during peak demand hours.

EnergyOne, which will own, build, and operate the solar stations, estimates the cost of the solar station and energy storage units to be approximately $2.25m.

The company anticipates to commence the construction by end of 2011.