Energy Transfer Partners has announced the planned expansion of two of its Texas intrastate pipeline systems.

In southeast Texas, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) will expand its ETC Katy Pipeline with the installation of 56 miles of 36 pipeline and the addition of 20,000 horsepower of compression. This expansion will increase capacity on the ETC Katy Pipeline from 700,000Mcf per day to more than 1.1Bcf per day.

In east Texas, ETP will expand its newly constructed 42 Cleburne to Carthage pipeline from the Houston pipeline interconnect at Texoma to Carthage, adding an additional 500,000Mcf per day of capacity to Carthage. The Carthage Loop will include the installation of 32 miles of 42 pipe.

Capital expenditures for the two projects will total approximately $260 million, with construction expected to commence in June 2008. The two expansion projects are expected to be in service by September 2008. These projects will serve the rapidly expanding Barnett Shale and Bossier Sands plays.

Mackie McCrea, president of Energy Transfer’s midstream operations, said: These two projects demonstrate our commitment to meet the expanding needs of natural gas producers and consumers across Texas and across the nation. We are pleased to be able to respond rapidly by adding critical capacity and expanding market options for producers and shippers.