Energy Northwest, a US based provider of electricity to public utility districts, has reported that Cheryl Whitcomb will retire from the company as vice president (VP), organizational performance & staffing/chief knowledge officer (CKO) on January 30, 2009. Scott Oxenford returned to the company in December 2008 and will serve as VP, nuclear generation/chief nuclear officer (CNO) replacing Dale Atkinson who will become VP, operational support.

Other key personnel assignments include:

Sudesh Gambhir will continue as VP, technical services.

Al Mouncer will continue as VP, corporate services/general counsel/chief financial officer (CFO).

Jack Baker will continue as VP, energy/business services.

Parrish cited Oxenford’s recent INPO experience and 14-plus years with Energy Northwest as excellent preparation to take the helm of the agency’s nuclear operations. Oxenford’s prior assignments included VP, technical services; VP, Nuclear Generation; Plant General Manager (PGM); assistant to the PGM; operations manager and Outage/Work control manager. He also highlighted Oxenford’s interaction with INPO and industry as excellent training to strengthen the agency’s overall performance in nuclear power operations.

Parrish said that the realignment of the agency’s leadership team will expand leadership opportunities and experiences for the overall executive team while maximizing the benefits of Oxenford’s INPO experience. The changes will also more closely align functional responsibilities within the respective VP groups.