Enel is to examine the feasibility of implementing smart grid technologies after signing a memorandum of understanding with Russian firm IDGC Holding.

The Italian utility says that the two companies aim to carry out joint development and implementation of projects such as the deployment of smart meters in Russia, where it is already active in power generation, distribution and trading.

Enel and IDGC are looking at the possibility of forming a joint venture company in order to exploit grid asset management opportunities in the Russian market. IDGC Holding is Russia’s largest grid company and its key tasks include the operation, renovation and modernisation of its distribution grids.

The agreement between the two companies also covers the exchange of best practices with regard to the design, development of a standardised technical policy, unification and implementation of quality management standards.

Enel has already installed 32 million digital electricity meters in Italy, and is currently deploying 13 million in Spain through its subsidiary Endesa.

“We would like to outline the great experience and organizational knowledge of our partners regarding metering automation and power load management in Italy and other European countries as well. Such experience would be very useful for us considering building-up Russian technical basis for innovative technologies in power transmission and distribution,” said Nikolay Shvets, director general for IDGC Holding.