Developed by its Brazilian renewable subsidiary Enel Green Power Brasil Participações (EGPB), the Lapa solar park in Bom Jesus da Lapa comprises two solar photovoltaic (PV) plants. One of them is the 80MW Bom Jesus da Lapa plant while the other is the 78MW Lapa (78 MW) facility.

Enel says that the Lapa solar park has become the largest operating solar PV facility in Brazil.

The solar park is backed by 20-year power supply contracts with the Brazilian Chamber of Commercialisation of Electric Energy (CCEE).

Annually, the Lapa solar park is expected to produce about 340GWh energy, which is adequate to cover the yearly power consumption needs of over 166,000 Brazilian homes. The solar park is also likely to offset nearly 198,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

For Enel, the Lapa solar park is its first solar PV project in Brazil to commence operations in 2017 among four such projects.

Zorzoli added: “We were able to complete and commission Lapa more than two months ahead of the deadline set by the rules of the 2015 public tender which awarded us the project, therefore confirming our commitment to contribute to Brazil’s growth in the renewable sector and our leadership in the country’s photovoltaic market.

“Furthermore, this project will deliver much needed power to the energy thirsty northeast of Brazil that is currently facing a serious drought.”

According to Enel, the Lapa solar park has a design that features new conversion units and tracker solutions that resulted in optimising its construction and commissioning. 

Additionally, a new commissioning strategy was implemented to enable a reduction of 70% reduction in the average time to prepare the plant for operation. The strategy involves stronger synergy between on site contractors and a remote commissioning support.