Dutch energy company Eneco Energie has revealed that the first installation in the Netherlands that retrieves gas from the sewage treatment process for domestic use is ready to be officially put into operation.

Eneco Energie developed the solution with Dutch green gas firm BioGast Sustainable Energy and Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Board, which treats waste water in the province of Noord Holland.

The gas used for the process will be retrieved from Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Board’s sewage treatment plant in the city of Beverwijk. The so-called BioGast installation will produce carbon dioxide-neutral gas with the same quality as natural gas by fermenting sewage sludge from the sewage treatment plant.

The gas is subsequently fed into the Eneco gas grid and transmitted to houses in Beverwijk. The BioGast process supplies sufficient gas for 400 households. Eneco Energie and BioGast expect that this type of installation will be implemented on a larger scale, allowing thousands of families to use this green gas.