Endesa, a utility in the Spanish electricity system and a private electricity company in Latin America, has opened first two EV recharging points at a service station Avenida de los Andes in Spain.

Endesa has made an alliance with SGTE Power, a company engaged in the design and the production of energy products, to bring the fast chargers to Spain. SGTE Power has been the sole supplier of fast chargers for EVs on the European market since 1995.

According to the company, this system provides a partial recharge for vehicles in five minutes giving them enough power to drive between 30km and 50km, while half an hour is needed for a full recharge.

The unveiling of the EV charging points coincides with the first International Eco-friendly Vehicle and Sustainable Mobility show in Madrid.

Meanwhile, Endesa has pledged to develop a sustainable transport policy based on the electric vehicle as a key element in combating climate change, a cornerstone of its Sustainability Strategic Plan 2008-2012.

In order to achieve this, the company is involved in numerous national and European projects which aim, among other objectives, to standardize, define the business model for and raise awareness about EVs in society.