Spanish Endesa has released in 2005 results showing a more than 50% improvement on 2004. The company posted a net income of €3.2 billion, the highest figure ever for the company with an increase of 154% compared to 2004.

Solid performance from the electricity business in Spain and Portugal, with a €1,358 million net income, 52.9% higher that 2004, helped push the company results up and give a net income growth of €425 million in Europe and €262 million in Latin America, giving growth of some 151% and 106% respectively.

Total EBITDA rose to €6,020 million on a total output was 185,264 GWh in 2005, a rise of 5.4%, and electricity sales reached 203,335 GWh, up 12.2% on 2004 figures.

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