Canadian energy transporter and distributor Enbridge and ExxonMobil Pipeline Company have announced that they will conduct a commitment solicitation for a proposed new pipeline system to transport crude oil from Patoka, Illinois, to the Texas Gulf coast.

The new Texas Access pipeline will transport crude oil sourced from the Canadian oil sands region in Alberta and from the upper US midwest to refiners in the Nederland and Houston areas of Texas.

The proposed project comprises a 768-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline, which would transport crude oil from Patoka southward to Nederland. Also proposed is an 88-mile, 24-inch pipeline to transport crude oil onward from Nederland to a delivery point in the east Houston area.

The commitment solicitation is for shipper interest in executing binding commitments to transport specified volumes of crude oil on the new pipeline, which is expected to be completed in 2011. The results of the solicitation will guide and determine the further development of the proposed joint venture pipeline project.