Enbridge Energy Partners will replace portions of its Line 6B pipeline system that spans from Griffith, Indiana, through Michigan in the US to the international border at the St Clair River.

The company will replace about 75 miles of the pipeline in various locations in Indiana and Michigan, at an estimated cost of $286m.

The latest expenditures are in addition to the $210m integrity expenditures on Line 6B recently announced by the company for the year 2011.

The new program includes replacement of five miles of pipeline downstream of two pump stations in Indiana and three pump stations in Michigan as well as replacement of 50 miles of pipeline downstream of the Stockbridge station and delivery terminal northwest of the Detroit metro area.

The new segments of pipeline will be installed in 2012, subject to regulatory approvals.

Earlier this year, Enbridge replaced 14 segments, totaling 9,000ft, of Line 6B in southeastern Michigan and installed a new segment of pipeline under the St Clair River, which will be operational by late June.