eMeter, a provider of smart grid information platform, has completed the integration of its eMeter EnergyIP platform with CPS Energy's SAP IS-U EhP5 system in the US state of Texas.

The integration enables CPS Energy to deliver its customers with real-time energy usage information and enhanced metering services.

CPS Energy, through the use of eMeter EnergyIP’s interval data framing service, provides 40,000 of its customers with 15 minute, hourly and daily energy consumption information through its new web portal.

CPS Energy also uses eMeter EnergyIP’s real-time validation and estimation service to ensure that customers have timely and accurate information.

CPS Energy Enterprise Application Delivery senior director Lawanda Parnell said eMeter’s SAP Meter Data Usage System (MDUS) solution allowed the company to integrate eMeter EnergyIP to SAP with virtually no additional customization, reducing AMI integration costs.

In addition to providing energy consumption information, CPS Energy also provides its customers with enhanced metering services such as remote connects/disconnects and on-demand reads.

eMeter CEO and president Gary Bloom said CPS Energy is the company’s first customer to utilize this version of its SAP MDUS, and to implement SAP IS-U EhP5.