The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved Emefcy's wastewater treatment facility in the US Virgin Islands.

The wastewater treatment plant located in St Thomas at Bordeaux is based on the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology.

It will serve a rural community of 200 homes and produce a clean effluent that can be safely discharged locally.

Emefcy executive chairman Richard Irving said that the EPA approval in the US for its Bordeaux plant validates the outstanding performance of the MABR technology.

Irving added: “The plant is an important reference site for the US, Latin American and Caribbean markets. We believe that getting such a strong endorsement from this prominent environmental body will result in meaningful sales opportunities in the US and will support the approval processes currently underway in China.”

The permit from EPA would also enable the decommissioning of the old wastewater treatment plant of the Virgin Islands Wastewater Management Authority following Emefcy’s successful installation.

The EPA approval is expected to pave way for the Israel-based Emefcy’s to accelerate sales of MABR in the US, Caribbean and Latin American markets.

Further, the approval is likely to considerably enhance the acceptance of MABR-based wastewater treatment solutions in China, stated Emefcy. This, the company believes is because the existing five year plan adopted by China’s Class 1A effluent standard is similar to the US EPA standards.

According to Emefcy, MABR uses an air sleeve that is spirally wound and submerged in a tank. Through this wastewater is fed continuously while effluent is discharged by overflow.

Through a patented passive aeration process of Emefcy, the MABR solution is said to conserve a good amount of energy by taking off the necessity to blow aeration under high pressure.