Emefcy has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Zhejiang Tiandi Environmental Protection Technology to develop a commercial wastewater treatment plant in Zhejiang province in the next 90 days and deploy shortly after.

The plant is anticipated to be the first of many in a long-term cooperation agreement between the two companies. Over the longer term, Emefcy believes the potential market demand for MABR based solutions in Zhejiang province alone is up to USD $1 billion.

The initial plant is expected to have a treatment capacity range of up to 500,000 liters per day.

Richard Irving, Chairman of Emefcy, commented: “We are excited to partner with Zhejiang Tiandi to build our first commercial deployment in China. Our breakthrough technology will enable them to achieve their growth goals, benefiting both companies. Together, we believe we can achieve great success in fulfilling the high demand in rural China for cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions. This partnership is an important step for us to capitalize on the enormous market opportunity in China.”

Ilan Wilf, VP Sales noted: “Reliable operation of our Wuxi wastewater pilot plant has become an important local reference for our Chinese channel partners. Furthermore, the recent approval of our USVI commercial plant by the US Environmental Protection Agency brings further confidence to our partners that our flagship MABR product is ready for commercial deployment in China.”

A spokesperson for Tiandi commented: “We are excited to have teamed up with Emefcy to deploy this innovative and highly efficient MABR-based wastewater treatment system, both in Zhejiang Province specifically and additional Provinces in the future. Zhejiang Tiandi is an innovative company which strives to be in the forefront of delivering the best technology and most cost effective system solutions to its clients. Partnering with Emefcy leverages the strengths and capabilities of both companies to address the rural wastewater market today and to bring new solutions for the upgrade of existing wastewater plants in the future. The first commercial project of the two companies is expected to be deployed before the end of the year in Zhejiang Province.”

Update on Other China Deployments

Demonstration plants for each of Jinzi, CGGC and Sinorichen are scheduled to be deployed between June and August this year, with two other demonstration units currently in production.

In view of the number of demonstration units currently operating and planned to be deployed in China, the Company will shift its focus from establishing demonstration units to conditional sales of commercial scale systems.