Chile's Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has submitted an environmental impact study (EIS) to regional environmental authority Corema for the construction of the US$115M Puntilla del Viento reservoir in Region V.

The project involves the construction of an 85Mm3 capacity dam, covering an area of 450ha and located 12km from city Los Andes. The initiative will benefit the primary and secondary irrigation districts of the Aconcagua river, including Catemu, Panquehue, San Felipe, Santa María, San Esteban, Rinconada, Los Andes and Calle Larga.

The project will include the relocation of some 430 families living in the area to be flooded. It will also affect the route of the country’s CH-60 international highway and the Saladillo-Los Andes railway. The reservoir will flood 11 archaeological sites.

Study results will be available for viewing at Region V’s Corema office. Members of the public and organisations will have 60 days to submit comments regarding the initiative.