Egyptian government has stated that the country is against the construction of 6,000MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Nile River.

The country is also keen to form an alliance with Ethiopian rebels in a bid to block the project proceedings that is due to commence filling from two of the Nile’s tributaries by 2015.

Experts from three involved countries – Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have conducted a year-long study to inquire the impacts of the dam on the Nile.

However, Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil claimed that the studies undertaken by the experts do not clarify the effects on Egypt’s share of Nile, according to Bloomberg.

"Egypt has legal, diplomatic and technical alternatives to block the construction if the dam proves harmful to the country and Ethiopia insists on building it," added Qandil.

The construction of the $4.3bn project that commenced in 2011 is scheduled for completion in 2017.