EGPI Firecreek has said that its West Texas Three Well Program with Whitt Oil and Gas is online with the McWhorter well. The company's successful operation and production of oil and gas will now ramp up the operations of its wholly owned subsidiary, Energy Producers.

Whitt Oil & Gas, the company’s operator for its West Texas Three Well Program, has completed and begun production of both oil and gas on the McWhorter well this week. The well is continuing to improve oil and gas production as the hydraulic stimulation (FRAC) fluid is continuously being pumped off.

Production levels for the McWhorter well will be closely monitored and evaluated over the next several days but early indications show better than expected production levels. The company has also reported that most of the rehabilitation work on its second well, the Young well, has been completed and it is expected to be online and producing within the week.

The Whitt Oil & Gas Operating team has now headed out to the Boyett well, the last well for its three well work program, and expects the well to be completed, online, and producing within the next two weeks.

Dennis Alexander, chairman and CEO of EGPI Firecreek, said: “The initiation of our Energy Producer’s unit with the start of oil and gas production marks a monumental day for our corporate operations. With current crude oil prices hovering around $75 a barrel and looking to go higher, our future couldn’t look better as we enter the oil and gas arena.”