PowerSecure International, a provider of energy and smart grid systems to electric utilities, has said that its EfficientLights business has introduced two new LED lighting products.

These products include a new light for retailers’ walk-in freezer/coolers and a new light for open refrigerated shelves. These products broaden the company’s in-store LED lighting product line, and complement its flagship EfficientLights product for refrigerated case doors.

The company said that the new lights were designed and tested in real world settings, including operating grocery stores of chains who have installed the company’s flagship EfficientLights product.

In addition, the new lighting systems will reduce lighting energy costs, reduce maintenance expense by extending light life five-fold over traditional lighting, provide a lower carbon footprint, and eliminate the use of mercury-containing fluorescent lights, according to the company.

Bryan Beatenbough, president of EfficientLights, said: “We are very excited to bring these new products to market. We have been blessed to have a wonderfully successful EfficientLights refrigerated case door product that is improving energy efficiency and lighting in stores across the country, and we can now bring retailers these benefits to additional areas of their stores.

”Similar to the process we used to develop our flagship product, we designed our new lights in partnership with our customers – to make sure our light addresses their real-world needs. The release of these new lights to the marketplace represents another major milestone in our plan to bring retailers a full suite of LED lighting for their stores.”