Pierre Gadonneix, CEO of recently-listed French power giant Electricite de France, has told a German newspaper that he thinks more of the company could yet be sold off.

Mr Gadonneix told the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper that he felt it was ‘likely’ that more shares in the company would be released in the future, although he stressed that this was not a decision for he himself to make.

Some 15% of EDF was floated on the Paris Bourse in November 2005 under a controversial part-privatization. The IPO has been criticized widely in France as the shares have performed sluggishly since the float.

On the possibility of a further tranche of shares being released to investors, Mr Gadonneix told the Frankfurt-based daily that, it is possible…under current law, it can rise to 30%. But at present this is not on our agenda, and it is not my decision in any case.