EcoloCap Solutions has partnered with Enersol Energy System Solutions, a battery and energy system consulting firm in the US, to finalize its plans to build a production facility in Seoul, Korea and begin manufacturing its proprietary Nano Lithium X Battery.

EcoloCap has said that in conjunction with its personnel in the US and South Korea, Enersol will conduct a need analysis for the proposed production facility. Subsequently, Enersol will determine the physical layout, the equipment required, and perform a cost analysis.

The Enersol report will serve as a basis for the construction of the facility, the purchasing and layout of the plant and equipment with the goal of maximizing production and quality while controlling cost.

The Nano Lithium X battery’s superior energy reserve represents more than 50% cost advantage in the lithium battery market, and a marked competitive advantage over upper-end lead acid batteries for storage applications, including the growing solar and wind energy markets, EcoloCap said.

According to EcoloCap, batteries for these new applications need to be light-weight, compact and have a wide operating temperature range.

EcoloCap claims that solving the problems of traditional lithium-ion batteries, its Nano Lithium X technology surpasses these requirements with its high-density storage capability and efficient performance in rugged environments.

Michael Siegel, CEO of EcoloCap, said: “Following the independent test results from Exponent that confirmed the superiority of our battery technology, we are now focused on rapidly bringing the Nano Lithium X battery to market. With the help of Enersol’s experienced team, we are prudently but expeditiously developing a roadmap to maximize value for our shareholders.”