US based Eco-story, a provider of LED lighting solutions, has introduced a new LED refrigerated case lighting fixtures.

The new refrigerated case light operates at less than 19W per door, compared to the industry average of 26W and has a single solid-state power supply and uniform light distribution.

With the unique design of fixture, the light will be adjusted in stores to optimize light distribution for shelves that range from three to 12 inches deep.

The company said stock color temperature of the standard case light is 3500K with a minimum 80 CRI, though custom color options are available.

The LED refrigerated case lighting fixture is offered in 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch versions.

Eco-story co-founder Bill Stauffer said that the new product not only cuts energy costs but also distributes light evenly.

Eco-story is engaged in manufacturing quality interior lighting for restaurants, retail stores and hotels.