Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) has said that a total of 1.8MW of its Uni-solar brand photovoltaic laminates were installed on the Toyota Parts Center Europe building in Belgium.

Toyota recently, officially inaugurated the solar panel park, which Blue Planet Solar financed, built and will operate. The installation includes 12800 panels on the roof and covers 861000sqft.

This is the third project, which the company has done for Toyota. In 2007, the company won a $3.3m order for a BIPV roofing system that was installed on a building owned by a division of Toyota Germany, in Germany. And, in 2006, ECD provided a 700kW BIPV roofing system for Toyota Motor Sales, USA for their New York Region parts distribution center located in New Jersey.

The rooftop solar installation will produce between 15% and 20% of the annual electricity requirements of the facility. With a peak power supply of 1.84MW, the panels can produce 1620MWh/year, the company said.

The CO2 saving is forecast to be 1,875 tons/year. As a result, Toyota will considerably reduce its CO2 emissions while also making significant savings on its energy bill.