German utility E.ON has adopted a transparency policy that allows anyone to find out how much electricity each of E.ON Kraftwerke's German power plant units can generate at any given point in time.

Unpredictable deviations, brought about by, for example, technical faults, will be published within 30 minutes. In addition, one can gain a retrospective overview of the amounts of electricity actually generated by each power plant unit.

The transparency initiative will primarily benefit power traders and purchasers, as well as consumers. The host of additional information on the generation market’s supply side will enable more precise market analyses and price forecasts. Furthermore, regulators will have an easier time verifying that E.ON Energie’s power plants are deployed to meet market requirements.

Bernhard Fischer, executive vice president of technology at E.ON Energie, said: E.ON is the first company on the European Continent to disclose this depth and detail of data on its in-house production. In so doing, we are providing more important stimulus for increased competition in Germany and Europe. We hope that a great many power producers will follow suit.