Duo-Gard Industries will introduce its LED-based Lumenatrix Backlighting system that offers the new shallow box option.

The new system offers an option of a shallow box that requires a three-inch cavity and uses one-tenth the typical number of LEDs, making it an ideal alternative to current edge lighting.

The Lumenatrix system results in low-voltage energy consumption of one watt per square foot.

Lumenatrix produces consistent, controllable backlighting, which is integrated with translucent glazing materials to create walls, ceilings, partitions, accents, canopies and facades.

The company said the system’s LEDs have a typical life 5.5 times longer than power-heavy fluorescents and provide consistent illumination without hot spots or shadows.

Lumenatrix panels are engineered with a structural power rail system and a unique heat sink designed for protection against overheating.

Duo-Gard said the new energy efficient system can be used for interior and exterior applications, and it cuts maintenance costs with regularly scheduled replacements annually or semi-annually as needed.

Duo-Gard president David Miller said the shallow box option offers a new designer dimension in energy-efficient LED lighting with aesthetic appeal that has the potential for a wide commercial market.

"Lumenatrix can be customized for large or small projects whose specifications call for a new level of savings, sustainability and aesthetics," Miller said.