Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee and the Scottish Arbitration Centre will jointly work on a project focusing on energy arbitration in Scotland.

Speaking at the Scottish Arbitration Centre’s Tartan Week event in New York City, the centre’s chairman Brandon Malone said they are delighted to be working with CEPMLP at the University of Dundee on this project to develop Scotland as an international centre for energy arbitration.

"We are keen to focus on the energy sector, given the oil and gas links in Aberdeen and Scotland’s expertise in the developing renewables industry," Malone added.

"Scotland’s location midway between America and Middle East is considered to be a significant benefit in establishing it as a specialist in energy arbitration."

University of Dundee actor and Rector Brain Cox said, "The new relationship with the Scottish Arbitration Centre will promote the reputation of Dundee University in this field of international dispute settlement, and it will draw upon its existing strengths in the fields of energy and natural resources law, economics and management."

Different kinds of dispute are anticipated due to the revival of interest in the UK North Sea, and the growing complexity of international oil and gas operations.

CEPMLP director Peter Cameron said the partnership will ensure that specialist knowledge can be brought to bear on these issues and facilitate their speedy resolution.

"Looking forward to a low carbon economy, and new kinds of energy, like wind and wave power, there will be further opportunities for us to use our mutual skills to assist in settling differences of view as they emerge in the UK and in the rest of the world. Our vision is a global one – in a good Scots tradition!" Cameron added.

Scottish Arbitration Centre chief executive Andrew Mackenzie said, "We also want to involve other bodies in the energy sector in this work, and will be entering into discussions with such bodies in due course."