Drax power station, one of the largest energy producers in Europe, has signed a deal with Siemens Power Generation to upgrade its turbines, with a view to reducing the amount of CO2 it emits.

Drax is a controversial facility as it is one of the largest coal-fired stations in Europe and, according to certain reports, is the largest emitter of CO2 gases in the UK.

The deal, worth GBP100 million, will see Siemens replace Drax’ steam turbines over the course of four years to achieve a CO2 reduction of around 5%. According to the power plant, this reduction equates to eradicating one million tonnes of CO2 each year – the equivalent of taking 275,000 cars off the road.

Work to upgrade the North Yorkshire facility will begin later this year, with the bulk of the revamp due to take place in 2008.