D.R. Templeman is installing a 360-panel, 111kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the rooftop of its manufacturing facility.

The company selected Standard Solar, Inc., a leading solar energy company specializing in the development and financing of solar electric systems nationwide, to develop the project and install the system. ClicktoTweet

The array, expected to produce 127,000 kilowatt-hours of power per year, will cover 100 percent of the manufacturing facility’s energy needs and offset nearly 90 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually which is equal to the amount of CO2 emissions sequestered each year by a 70 acre U.S. forest.

"As a manufacturer with a 77 year history, we realize the importance of preserving the environment. We are committed to doing our part by controlling the usage of resources in our manufacturing processes," said Richard Williams, President, Templeman Co. "Our decision to go solar directly reflects our company values by actively promoting sustainability through the efficient use of clean, renewable resources. Standard Solar has been extremely helpful throughout the design, application and financing processes and we are very grateful for their guidance and expertise."

Founded in 1938, The D.R. Templeman Company is one of the region’s leading spring manufacturers. It supplies springs and wire forms to a broad market that includes medical devices, electronics, inspection instruments, alternative energy devices, electromagnetic controls, appliances, hardware, locks, hand and power tools, consumer products, packaging, fire protection equipment, jewelry, motors, pumps, valves and more.

The project is being funded through an operating lease. This type of financing is designed to make the acquisition of solar affordable by combining tax efficiency with the Connecticut Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit Program (ZREC). The Connecticut ZREC program provides utility customers who generate their own power using zero emissions renewable processes, such as solar photovoltaics, with production based payments for 15 years, in addition to their avoided electric cost savings.

"The D.R. Templeman Company has a great history of commitment to its surrounding community and preserving the environment," said Scott Wiater, President, Standard Solar. "We celebrate their foresight in capturing the value of solar and putting their home state’s ZREC program to work for them."