DP CleanTech and China Everbright International have partnered to develop 30MW straw-fired biomass power plant in Nanqiao City, Anhui, China.

DP’s advanced technology boiler will be optimized to handle locally abundant agricultural residues, thereby ensuring high availability throughout the year and a consistent source of additional income for local farming communities.

There are currently four DP and Everbright International biomass power plants in Anhui, and the Nanqiao plant will be the second DP/Everbright International plant in the city. The plant will utilize DP’s patented high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) technology to reach annual availabilities of up to 7800 hours per year. DP’s advanced, guaranteed solutions been proven in over 50 projects in China, and over 80 projects around the world.

DP CleanTech CEO Simon Parker commented "We work closely with Everbright and other key customers to ensure that the ongoing development of core technologies is matched ever more closely with individual customer requirements. Our knowledge and capabilities are enhanced through close collaboration with forward thinking clients such as Everbright International."

Everbright International’s CEO Mr. Chen Xiao Ping stated, "DP CleanTech is a world leading renewable energy solutions provider. By cooperating with DP CleanTech, we are going to achieve a win-win situation. Systematically utilizing agricultural straws will greatly improve China’s rural eco-environment and efficiency of agricultural productivity."