Double Crown Resources is negotiating with oilfield service company to serve advanced intermodal transport system, called Translock(2).

The Translock(2) units will be used for large scale commodity deliveries by the oilfield service company to oil & gas drilling platforms operated by a major petroleum producer in The Gulf of Mexico. Initial planned arrangements will be for the regular delivery of drilling grade cement to the platforms. This commodity is needed as a vital sealant in off-shore oilfield operations. Fabrication of new Translock(2) units will commence as soon as possible after contracts are signed which is expected within the month of August. Further developments will be announced as they occur.

For this operation, Double Crown will supply industry-specific Translock(2) units engineered to the specifications of the drilling company which is one of the industry’s top petroleum products producers. As the viability and advantages of Double Crown’s advanced technology are proven, long range planning will be for every one of this driller’s platforms in The Gulf of Mexico to be served by Translock(2) units on a regular basis.

Translock(2) offers unparalleled design features with the potential to revolutionize the standards of industrial commodity shipping as they exist today in terms of efficiency, cost & time-savings, product protection, safety and environmental concerns. In this first commercial project one of the major improvements will be the elimination of super sacks which are inefficient to manage, wasteful of excess material and often rupture in handling and transit. Double Crown’s management has received many comments from industry leaders indicating that Translock(2) would provide a very welcome improvement over the use of super sacks for virtually all industrial commodity shipping applications. Furthermore, it has been expressed that super sacks, in many industries, are being phased out. Double Crown’s management is confident that the Translock(2) is a clear solution to that phase-out and intends to prove this in the months to come.