Dong Energy has acquired one of the world’s largest offshore wind development zones from Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Financial Services.

Dong has bought the Hornsea zone and the project rights to Hornsea projects two and three, which have a potential of 3 GW of capacity. The Danish firm says that the projects will form an important part of its post-2020 project pipeline.

It already owns the rights to Hornsea project one, a 1200 MW offshore wind project.

"We have already invested around £6 billion in the UK, and the Hornsea Zone provides us with new exciting development opportunities, not least because of the sheer size of the project in terms of acreage as well as the high generation potential," said Samuel Leupold, executive vice president of Dong. "This will help us in our committed efforts to reduce costs of electricity and maintaining our position as global leader in offshore wind beyond 2020."

The Hornsea zone is located between 31 and 190 km off the Yorkshire coast and covers more than 4000 km2. As sole owner, Dong will assume responsibility as the lead developer of the whole Hornsea zone.