THE UK’S DEPARTMENT OF Trade and Industry has published a booklet that looks at the social and environmental impact of the production and use of energy. It focuses on the development of government policies to limit environmental damage, while ensuring that consumers can enjoy the benefits at an affordable cost.

Brian Wilson, Minister for Energy, claims that the booklet further emphasises government commitment to being open and accountable about energy policy. ‘Its publication is timely,’ he said, ‘as we work towards the White Paper and consider where our energy comes from, how we use energy and the impact of our consumption.

‘I will strive to ensure that all new future energy policy takes on board social and environmental consequences,’ he added.

Energy – Its Impact on the Environment and Society is available from the DTI Publications Orderline on tel: +44 870 1502 500, fax: +44 870 1502 533, email:

It can also be accessed directly on the internet at uk/energy/environment.

The booklet has been produced for a wider audience – those with a general interest in environmental and social aspects of energy, as well as people with a more substantial knowledge of the area.

The DTI has experimented with the format of this publication and welcomes feedback on both the data chosen and the presentation format.