Diebold, a provider of integrated delivery and security systems, has begun working with Chinese oil firm Sinopec and local commercial banks to deploy ATMs at Sinopec's fuel stations in Beijing.

Diebold and Sinopec initially plan to deploy ATMs in a few Sinopec fuel stations in the Beijing metropolitan area. Financial institutions such as China Merchants Bank have shown interest in teaming up with Sinopec to deploy and expand their off-premises ATM delivery channels at about a dozen fuel stations strategically positioned along two major thoroughfares in cities just outside Beijing.

The Beijing branch of China Merchants Bank has installed its first Diebold Opteva 562 ATM at Shi Li He gas station. Other Sinopec stations in and around primary business districts in Beijing are also being targeted by other Chinese banks.

Daniel Hu, vice president and managing director of the north Asia and China operations of Diebold, said: It is a win-win proposition for all parties involved. With its secure and well-established network in the Beijing area, Sinopec is strengthening its overall competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing more value-added services through this network remodeling initiative. And because Sinopec owns nearly 30,000 fuel stations throughout China, it is also an excellent opportunity for banks to leverage this huge network, increase revenue and expand consumer touch points via high-quality, around-the-clock ATM services.