Deffenbaugh Recycling Company, LLC (Deffenbaugh Recycling), an affiliate of Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc., is planning to expand the collection of plastic containers from labeled 3 through 7. The labeled containers will be collected from February 2, 2009 onwards. The company’s recycling programs currently collect only plastic containers marked 1 and 2.

“In recent months, our customers have increasingly requested broader collection options for plastic containers and we are pleased that we can respond to our customers and guarantee that everything in their bin will be recycled,” Deffenbaugh president Mark Rosenau said. “Deffenbaugh is continuing to look at ways we can help divert more materials from the landfill, while improving the environmental sustainability of the Kansas City region. We hope that customers will seize this opportunity to recycle even more materials.”

Plastic containers currently comprise around 3% of the materials Deffenbaugh Recycling collects and processes. Expanding the list of acceptable plastics should increase that percentage and reduce the amount of waste in area landfills, Rosenau said.

Plastics can be identified by checking the bottom of containers and looking for the number inside the chasing arrows recycling symbol. Most consumer containers – with the exception of plastic bags, motor oil containers and household hazardous waste containers – can be accepted at curbside. Acceptable plastic materials remain restricted to residential consumer items. Plastic pipe and other building materials are not accepted for curbside collection.

Deffenbaugh Industries is a US-based provider of waste management services.