Offshore wind services provider CWind has announced to expand its services to offer power cable installation and maintenance solutions by incorporating the capabilities of its parent company Global Marine Systems.

Presently, CWind offers services that include blade repair, corrosion protection, inspections and maintenance, cable pull-ins and temporary power supply.

With including cable installation service, CWind said that it will capable to manage and deliver entire cable packages covering the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm.

The expansion allows the company to cater to all aspects of power related business within the UK and internationally. It claims that that it has built good customer base in the region by offering  new and innovative solutions.

Now, its team will include experienced subsea engineers and project managers from its parent company to deliver power cable installation and maintenance services.

The company will gain access to a large pool of assets within its expanded offering including the C.S. Sovereign, a highly capable vessel which has installed almost 400 inter-array cables globally, as well as CWind’s existing fleet of 17 Crew Transfer Vessels.

It will also have access to a diverse array of subsea equipment, including the Q1000 jet trenching Remotely Operated Vehicle, which will support its ability to deliver more complex work packages.

CWind Power managing director Lee Andrews said: “With Global Marine, CWind now has access to additional technical resources to pursue its growth strategy with confidence.

“The combined power of Global Marine and CWind will position us to continue to grow and service our customers with an even more diverse offering.”

Andrews said: “CWind expects to continue to innovate by introducing a range of new subsea and topside services with an integrated power and export cable installation, repair and balance of plant associated portfolio.

“We have built a successful business and with the ongoing commitment and support of Global Marine are strongly positioned to continue winning.”

Image: CWind to offer offshore cable installation and maintenance services. Photo: Courtesy of xedos4/