According to Putzmeister, it’s Telebelt range of products can help cut the costs and placing times for concreting dams to a third.

The mobile telescopic conveyor has replaced the crane and bucket method of placing concrete in Japan, says the company, where small dams, comprising two prefabricated concrete parts placed in parallel, are being backfilled with concrete that is made up of very course aggregate and cannot be pumped.

The Telebelt used in Japan – the TB 50 – is much the same as a large telescopic conveyor: with a transfer hopper, a feeding belt and a telescopic main conveyor belt. But it has a horizontal reach of more than 15m, which makes it ideal for backfilling small dams.

For example, at one site, the concrete is delivered by 4.5m3 truck-mixers and passed into the Telebelt hopper. As the conveyor works continuously, the material can be placed without interruption into the 10m wide sections between the pre-fabricated parts, and the time usually spent waiting for construction cranes to return empty is no longer wasted.

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