CUI Global has shipped production units of its GasPT2 inferential gas metering device to natural gas transmission operators across Europe.

The device is being initially deployed at the UK National Grid, GASUNIE in the Netherlands, SNAM RETE in Italy and ENAGAS in Spain.

The GasPT2 helps the large-scale gas turbine and combined heat and power engine operators to instantly and accurately control operational efficiencies and resulting emissions.

SNAM RETE and ENAGAS will deploy the deveice for accurate fiscal monitoring and product transfer on after the testing its accuracy in calorific value, wobbe index, relative density and other criteria.

National Grid started using this device at a bio-gas terminal to monitor the quality of the gas being introduced into the National Grid system.

GASUNIE will test the device in its natural gas pipeline systems, and asses its use as a control processor for large gas turbines and CHP engines.

It would take about 90 to 180 days to test the GasPT2 is based on the specific regulatory agency requirements.