Crosstex Energy has completed two expansion projects on its natural gas gathering system in the Barnett shale in north Texas, US.

The company has also reactivated its Eunice natural gas liquids (NGL) fractionator in south central Louisiana, which will give Crosstex increased fractionation capacity.

The two North Texas projects became operational in late March 2011 and the Euncie NGL fractionator became operational April 2011.

Crosstex expanded its natural gas gathering system in North Texas by building a 15-mile pipeline extension as one of the two expansion projects.

The extension includes a 7-mile, low-pressure pipeline, an 8-mile, high-pressure pipeline, and a compressor station in southwest Tarrant County, and will carry a peak of more than 100mmcfd in 2012.

Crosstex also signed a 10-year firm gathering and compression agreement with a major Barnett shale producer for an additional 50mmcfd of gas on the North Texas gathering system and built a compressor station on an existing gathering line to accommodate the extra transportation requirements.

Eunice NGL fractionator was reactivated in Louisiana with the necessary equipment to accommodate 15,000 barrels of NGLs per day.

The Eunice start-up and expansion project will increase Crosstex’ fractionation capacity to 55,000b/d from 40,000b/d.