Germany-based CropEnergies, a member of the Südzucker Group, has acquired bioethanol producer Ensus for €13.5m.

Through this transaction, the company is expected to increase its bioethanol production capacity by 50% annually.

CropEnergies noted that Ensus’ production capacities in the UK will now be added to its network, which already operate production plants across Germany, Belgium and France.

Currently, the company operates a bioethanol production plant, which has a capacity of 400,000mt² of bioethanol and 350,000t of dried protein animal feed. The CO2 generated at the plant is delivered to an adjacent liquefaction plant that processes it for utilization in the food and drinks industry.

This bioethanol plant, which was commissioned in 2010, has around 100 employees, the company said.

CropEnergies is expected to invest around £50m in order to improve its competitiveness in the bioethanol industry.