Maxwell Technologies, an energy storage systems developer, has secured a contract from Continental, an automotive electronics supplier, to provide production-level quantities of Boostcap utracapacitors for use in Continental's ‘E-booster’ voltage stabilization system for micro hybrid automobiles.

The micro hybrid stop-start system uses ultracapacitor-based E-booster to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by shutting off a car’s internal combustion engine as the vehicle slows and restarts the engine when the driver engages the clutch or touches the accelerator.

The ultracapacitor in the E-booster acts as a reservoir of energy that provides burst power to re-start the engine, relieving the car’s battery of high current, repetitive cycling that can shorten battery life.

PSA Peugeot-Citroen plans to equip a significant percentage of its diesel autos with its HDi second generation micro hybrid system, which incorporates Continental’s E-booster, by 2012.

Continental head of powertrain hybrid & electric vehicle business unit Bernd Neitzel said that this ultra-modern technology of E-booster is designed for high cycle reliability, long life, and real convenience for motorists.

“It is emblematic of Continental’s years of experience developing hybrid systems and also of our desire to do our part to increase mileage while lowering CO2 emissions,” Neitzel said.