Construction work has commenced on the new £140m biomass power plant in Kent, UK.

Power plant construction contractor, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC) has already secured possession of the development site, marking the start of a project.

Planned to be completed in two years, the project is expected to create 300 jobs during the construction phase and 30 full time jobs once operational.

The biomass plant is being developed to eventually produce all the power and heat requirements for Discovery Park.

Discovery managing director Park Paul Barber said: "Discovery Park has from the start been a place for innovation and we have been successful in building on that past success over the past four years.

"The agreement to press ahead with the new biomass energy plant, not only represents a major investment in the site, but puts the park in the unique position of being supplied with a reliable source of green energy.

"The new biomass plant, is a vital part of ensuring the site’s ongoing success – part of a number of investments and ongoing work that will not only create jobs and prosperity for East Kent but increases its sustainability too."

The facility will use various wood types, including coppice grown locally in Kent and East Sussex as biomass fuel to help reduce the site’s carbon footprint.